Facade Engineering

As an engineering office, BIFF SA's first task is to advise, design and develop the technical drawing of the facades according to their structural quality, location, exposure and functional requirements.

With its team of building specialists, BIFF SA brings its valuable know-how in the optimization of architectural concepts, in strict compliance with the specifications. Its mastery of materials (static, resistance, acoustic and thermal calculations), its reactivity and its flexibility guarantee the development of high quality, cost-optimized projects.

From the design of the facades to the acceptance of the work, BIFF SA has the necessary experience to support the owner in the realization of his project within the deadlines despite the complexity.

In order to realize your most audacious façade projects, BIFF SA provides the following engineering services:

  • Dimensioning, static verification and resistance of materials.
  • Design, 3D modeling and calculation of complex models.
  • Determination of load-bearing structures.
  • Estimation of acoustic behavior.
  • Estimation and verification of thermal performance.
  • Orientation of responses to wind flow (CFD calculation) and vibrations.
  • Materials engineering.
  • Building physics.
  • Analysis of dynamic response of facade elements.

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